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Mary Erwin picked by Johnson & Wales University as one of the "top ten chefs to watch in America for 2011

Madam chef Mary Erwin is lately the chef on a mission; she has had a very active month. Chef Mary has been on the Red Carpet at Charleston's fashion week, her video of her cooking with emiril in 2007 has resurfaced on the Internet, and she has been invited to go to Qatar in October. Chef Mary Erwin seems to be an unstoppable force constantly moving forward, moving upwards. One highlight recently was her being picked by her lma Mater, Johnson & Wales University as one of the "top ten chefs to watch in America for 2011".

 Johnson & Wales University sees Mary Erwin as a chef with the entrepreneuristic spirit that has made America fanmous. Mary's Silhouette fashion line is stunning; and the line has come from the creative mind of Chef Mary Erwin. In the interview for Johnson & Wales news article, chef Mary was asked by the university how she has been influenced in her career. Mary responds, "I fell in love with cooking at Johnson-Wales University. They gave me the inspiration to create items of extravagance for the palate. My own sense of exploring the culinary world of available garments inspired me to create items for the eye and for the body in my 'Silhouette' by MadamChef line, my 'Master Chef' and the 'Sexy Dish University' lines."

 Stay tuned as Madam Chef Mary Erwin makes a further splash in the fabulous world of high art, high fashion, and high levels of culinary delights. The invitation to Qatar needs to be watched, ladies and gentlemen. Chef Mary Erwin, chef ambassador on a mission.