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Sunday, 19 February 2012 15:00

 MadamChef is happy to announce her marriage to Kevin M. Simpson of Washington DC, February 17, 2012. We appreciate your celebrating with us and all that is to come! We promise a fascinating 2012!

For Immediate Release:

July 8, 2011

Madam Chef to Show-Off Asheville Crafted Jewelry at the White House

 Asheville NC---Asheville is a destination appreciated for its boutique charm, elegant arts & crafts, and natural beauty, but it’s rare, if ever, that its mountain mystique journeys its way to the White House to shimmer and dazzle before the President and the First Lady. Most, even the President himself, must travel to experience Asheville’s finer points--in all of its organic, earthy, and in some cases signature Southern radiance.

Mary Erwin, Madam Chef is off to see the president of the United States July 22, 2011

 Mary Erwin, our Madam Chef is departing for the White House this July 22, 2011. Mary is going to meet at the White House and will be mingling with Barack Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama. It is quite an honor to do so and Madam Chef is preparing herself for the occasion.

 Chris Van Dyke of Van Dyke Jewelers located at 29 Biltmore Avenue in Asheville, NC; phone (828) 281-4044 http://www.vandykejewelry.com/ is providing the fine jewelry for Mary. She will be wearing a one-of-a-kind piece in complementary fashion to complement the designer dress being provided by Alicia Matthews of Morganton. Ménage Fashions, Alicia’s business will be providing the formal wear.

 Mary Erwin, our Madam Chef is on the move. Say hi to the prez.

Madam Chef, Mary Erwin is proud to announce that her foreign exchange student, Rina Nur Annisa is departing for home after an extremely active year here in the United States. Parting is indeed sweet sorrow for both Mary Erwin and Rina. Rina will be sorely missed. Both America and Indonesia are better off for the exchange.

 Rina is 17 years old from the Java Islands, Indonesia. Specifically Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She attended Freedom High School and was awarded a highly prestigious award that is given to less than 1% of the student population every year called, "The Patriot of Distinction Award". She was invited to be a senate page by senator Warren Daniel and also recognized after her week as a senate page by the senate president pro tempore as a special foreign observer and followed it by saying that she delighted them all!

 Rina maintained good grades here with a massive effort on her part. She maintained memberships in The Anchor Club, International Club, and School Spirit Club which all required both community service hours and school service hours!

 Her favorite American dish is steak and mashed potatoes! Things that she experienced here and places she visited for the first time in her life include seasons, snow, Washington DC, NYC, Disney world, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Spicy Chips, Skittles, Peanut M&Ms, Goldfish, a Jewish synagogue, a church, an American Muslim mosque, toilet paper, paper towels and organized roads to name a few!

 Rina experienced quite a bit of culture shock and homesickness upon arrival but was determined to stick it out and held her belief that, "Time would make the difference!" Mary Erwin says, “She and I had a hard time at the beginning but now that the end is here I look back on this and know two things; first, I have a daughter forever and second; I wouldn't have traded this experience for anything in the world!

 Congratulations Madam Chef and Rina Nur Annisa

Mary Erwin, Madam Chef, her adopted daughter Rina and her fiancé Kevin arrived, at The Toe River Lodge in beautiful Plumtree, North Carolina last weekend. Mary was being honored as a guest chef, compliments of Will Young and the gang at the Lodge. Mary says, “They had two tables waiting for my party, one inside and one out! It was so nice to have options! We chose to sit outside. My boyfriend and daughter both had the Seafood Alfredo, which was a rich, flavorful dish! Chef Will Young puts his own flair on his Alfredo by adding a multitude of smoky cheeses that will send you into orbit! I had Trout. Will chose that for me. He said it had literally been caught 2 1/2 hours earlier from their trout pond. After receiving it and cherishing it, I sent word back to the kitchen that it could've been "More Fresh"! :-) LMAO! It was fantastic!



We enjoyed a fabulous local wine of theirs that was from their winery located right in Plumtree along the South Toe River and was actually bottled on the Lodge Property. Nate McCollum runs the winery. It was delish and I bought a bottle, which is now proudly displayed, on my wine rack at home. Also, Will’s wife Edie brought us her homemade dessert sampler, which was simply divine; inclusive of cheesecake, chocolate-chocolate cake, Peach cobbler, etc. The night and the food were absolutely Yummy.



 We capped the night off by playing a game of pool on Will's personal billiard table. We had an audience of Lodge guests; Will admitted he was scared he might lose. It was awesome! He actually ended up winning with a shot underneath his leg! Since Will is and was a professional juggler, this shot became “Classic Will”! :-) It was a sweet victory he said; and we all loved it!

 We are definitely looking forward to working together and we want to arrange a photo shoot with his on-staff photographer ASAP.

 "I definitely recommend anyone try out The Vance Toe River Lodge and make friends with the Young family."

Their number is 828-765-9696 - www.vancetoeriverlodge.com/CMS/